Warning: Mr. Nice Guy Doesn’t Get the Girl

I would encourage you to read this article. I thought it was a fabulous read straight from a self-professed former nice guy. The author discusses why he had to cease being the nice guy because it was not producing results. Here’s an excerpt from the piece: “I can remember spending hours on the phone with girls I really liked and having absolutely nothing to say, and when I did say something, it was about as interesting as a rave at a senior citizen’s home. Then I wondered why they never called me and I was doing all the heavy lifting. My internal dialogue was something along the lines of: “How could she NOT like me?! I’m such a nice guy!!!” ” There is something to say about a guy (or girl) that keeps things mysterious and isn’t so available to the person that they are dating, and I think that’s what the author is talking about in this piece (he is not talking about ceasing to be polite or show respect).

There is a flip side to this. Women sometimes don’t know what they want. When the guy calls too much, he’s too needy, but when he stops calling, he’s not showing enough attention. A while back, a guy friend of mine responded to a tweet from a female: “When do the nice guys finish first?”, to which he replied, “After 25.” We want to know what you think! Answer the poll below, do nice guys always finish last or is there a point in life when this changes?


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