Qualified, yet Single: Why Good Black Men Are Single.

I’m not sure I agree this is a question that has been widely asked, however someone is exploring the topic… take a peek at the trailer and see what you think… I don’t have too many words for this one, I think the clips speak volumes…

A film that explores the lives of several “well-qualified” single Black men who reveal their reasons for being single. Dr. Dwayne Buckingham’s primary reason for doing this film was to give single men, who are perceived to be well qualified, a platform to speak their truth, but also provide single women with the subtle red flags to look for in a “good” man prior to jumping into a relationship.

“It’s hard to bring something in that may taint what you’ve made good.”

“If I meet the right queen, I will get married… period.”

Alrighty, Dr. Buckingham…thanks for this…I guess


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