Month: July 2012

Is Abstinence/ Celibacy Making a Come Back?


End of post.

I know a bunch of you were thinking that.

I’ve been meaning to post something related to this topic for a while now, but reading about Megan Good’s recent wedding finally pushed me to finish  start this post.

I think it’s quite fitting that Megan Good played a beautiful vixen who made her new man wait 90 days for sex in the recent ‘Think Like A Man’ movie. Fitting, because in real life Megan and her new husband, Devon Franklin, practiced celibacy throughout their relationship- they dated for a year before getting engaged*. [Pause for the reaction of the reader]

I mean, is this unheard of? No. Traditional? Sure, but traditions change- see here: Single, Saved – and Having Sex. Crazy? Yes. Impossible? Apparently not… Watch a short interview with the two of them below:

“The relationship is completely different,” Meagan said, adding that sex is added treat to true love. “That’s just icing on the cake.”

I’ve read articles that blame religion and churches for keeping some black women single. They claim that black women are expecting unrealistic characteristics in men (including celibacy), thus they remain single. However, it does beg the question, ‘should you change such a valuable part of your life for a man?’ I do know couples that are practicing celibacy because of one person’s personal decision to wait, but it is definitely not for everyone. Whatever you choose to do, one thing I’ve learned is that honesty is the best policy. I haven’t heard from you all in a while, weigh in on the discussion below… could you wait?