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Five Fabulous First Impressions (Plus 1 for Good Measure)

photo (1)I am feeling like a list is in order… and of late, I have been gushing over some of my favorite local designers who have recently released their newest lines. As an ode to local fashion… and of course, to love, I thought… lets put together a list of 5 great outfits to just ‘throw’ on for a date (and/or outing where there will likely be fine men nearby… say… the next Oil and Gas Conference? Polo Club? Ghana Music Awards, mayhaps? ha!).

At any rate, these are just some of the looks I found, and their appropriate venue… however there are soo many really cool things out there. I tried to keep it to things I’d actually wear and not things that look good on a runway or a glossy magazine, but not in real life. Look through… oooh and aaaahh… then check out the surprise at the end, just for OUR readers— because we LURVE you! ❤


1. Saturday Brunch- Crop Top by B’Venaj


B’Venaj from Trendsandblendsgh


Let’s say he suggests something light, like breakfast… at Starbites (nom!)

You definitely don’t want to look like you rolled out of bed, but you surely don’t want something super glam.

Think fun and chic.

You want something that’s casual and could be dressed up or down depending on what could likely happen later.  I just love the simplicity of the look by B’Venaj. The crop top made from African prints gives a lot of fun and the pants seem comfortable without showing too much of the goods. I probably would not wear this with a pump, maybe a wedge or pretty flats.



2. After Work Dinner- Volume Skirt by Charlotte Prive


Charlotte Prive from House of Cramer

My favorite part of this look is the skirt. It just adds the right pop of color, making it appropriate for work and play. Although— maybe you should be weary of taking my advice on work appropriate attire. I am of the mind that as long as you are getting your job done, what you wear is of little consequence.

Nevertheless, for those women who want to break the blue/black/grey mold of corporate life, this skirt, by Charlotte Prive, is super feminine while still saying ‘I can Lean In too’.. plus it transitions really well to a place like Afrikiko on a Thursday night for some live music and jams. The top is also by Charlotte and I love it because it could just as easily be worn with dark denim and those same fabulous heels.

I am also a big fan of the clutch by Poqua Poqu as it is a great accessory to transition the outfit from day to night. I think this sends a message to your guy that you are cute and classy. What man could resist a second date?

3. Day Trip to Aburi Gardens- Wrap Dress by Ajepomaa







DVF should look out, there’s a new wrap dress connoisseur in town! Imagine a 2 hour drive out to the mountains for some great scenery, a little relaxation and a lot of good conversation. This wrap dress is the perfect conversation starter as it’s colorful and loud enough to evoke the question, “Wow… where did you get that?” I love that this is dressy casual, and draws attention without giving the guy all the goods at once (maybe a little boob action, but definitely no booty). That’s clutch.

#classynottrashy #cantgivethemallatonce #heinoushashtagging

 4. Afternoon in Ada- Romper



Here is a simple piece that could be worn for an afternoon on the beach. Everyone knows that black women don’t swim sometimes the beach is less about engaging the waters, and more about relaxing near them and just enjoying the breeze and the comfort.

If you are just going for a lazy day on the beach, this piece is a really cute way to achieve that. I am personally a fan of the cloth lining, which adds a little bit of design without overpowering the piece.

This onesie/romper/jumper by Aya Morrison is a great color for the weather here and for our skin tones. It may make going to the bathroom really annoying… but you are on a date, so you will probably be on your best behavior anyway. *no bathroom breaks* duh.

5. Award Night- Two Piece by Pistis



Let’s imagine a world where you were dating… say… John Dumelo. Or— Idris Elba.

I mean… could you really just roll into the situation wearing any old thing?

I think not!

Here is an option for a grand red carpet entrance date night… that’s a bit more, hollywood ghallywood if you will. Now I know.. you may be saying, what is the likelihood that little old me ends up at a red carpet affair with those guys, but I mean… anything is possible.

Plus I just LOVE this dress. That’s really just the point. The high waist.. mermaid… crop top… kente collabo is like Manifest and A.B. Crentsil coming together to make a hit. So naturally I had to find a way to feature it…. the dress that is.

BONUS- Lace Peplum Shift Dress by Stylista



So I thought I would throw this one in for good measure, on the date/ monumental moment where you are accompanying your S.O. to church and will likely meet all the homies, family and frenemies. I love this because it’s white which is really clean, has really nice accents and manages to incorporate color in a very subtle way… plus the finishing is so on point (but Stylista is good for that so… it’s to be expected).

Everyone will see that you are a classy woman with impeccable taste (in both clothing and men… of course). I have also fallen deeply in love with scaffolding of late, and I appreciate that detailing at the bottom.

What’s even more fun is you can wear any color shoe and jewelry combination to dress it up. All in all, the church date is probably one you’ll go on a lot here in Ghana, where a purported 77% of the nation professes Christianity. The least you can be is prepared to make a lasting impression.


There’s a brunch sale happening May 11th at Charlotte in East Legon with up to 40% off some of their items.

Our readers get an additional 10% off when you spend 100GHC or more. So mention that you saw the ad here and you get your hands on some great styles at a fraction of the cost. With all the great pieces… we know you’ll thank us later. And your date will too. 🙂


What are your favorite looks when headed out for a date? Let us know in the comments!


Not All Women Want to get Married – – and Other Half Truths.

photo (5)

Soooooo… we didn’t win. Tear. If you recall, we were nominated for Best Blog for Ghana’s 2014 Social Media Awards, but unfortunately we didn’t win. I know you’re wondering who on earth could have possibly beaten us…? We are too. But it was the lovely ladies over at AdventuresFrom (the bedrooms of African women). We have nothing but love and mad respect for our big sisters in the blogosphere, so we say a HUGE CONGRATS to them!!!! Y’all have stepped up the game in (female) African blogging, and give a great platform for women to openly share whats on their hearts and minds regarding sex and sexual health.



The Social Media Awards Ceremony was held at the end of Ghana’s Blog Camp event held a couple weeks ago in Accra . Despite not winning, we did have a blast leading the Blogging 101 breakout session and interviewing people for Google’s youtube corner. I’ve included some pics below of the event, and a highlight video at the end of the blog.

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Main session

BlCC2fwIAAAfeR8 (1)

Afua and Social Media Extraordinaire, MacJordan

BlDIeeOIcAAg6yR (1)

Amma and Afua leading breakout session on Blogging 101

– – –

Ok. It’s time for a short blog now.

 When we started RR, I made the decision that whenever Amma and I engaged in a back and forth, I wouldn’t respond to Amma’s reply if I had started the discussion… trust me, this has been no small task, especially when Amma likes to bust out diagrams of the highest inaccuracy. BUT I’m going to break my rule today, and say a few words in relation to something she said in her last post:

Who says we all want to get married in the first place?

Sigh… I love my feminists, I do. In most circles, I am considered one of their strongest advocates, allies, and yes even, leaders…. so my next few statements might actually come as a shock to some. I’m sorry in advance. 🙂

The feminist movement is not old enough for people to be tooting around that ‘not all a critical mass of women want to get married’. This seems to have become a default response in the never ending discussion of what women should do (career v. family) and when they should do it; it’s become a defense mechanism of sorts… from what?, only God knows I do not quite know. But it’s as if the admission of wanting to be committed to someone (gasp, someone with 1 Y and 1 X chromosome) is some sign of weakness… or contrary to the movement. In any case, as it stands now what we’re seeing is a delay of marriage rather than an outright abolishment of it. Delaying marriage to do other things such as make a name for yourself in your career, do you as a single person for a while or whore around make like you’re a man with no emotional attachment to sex, is not a complete abolishment of marriage. Until data proves otherwise, you won’t be able to convince me that the majority of single, never been married women at 45 wouldn’t prefer to be a long term committed partnership, you just can’t**. You can’t because as much as some in the movement want to yell, kick and scream… there is biology/ human nature at play here… something one cannot fight (regardless of whether you believe in Adam and Eve or evolution). For the majority of feminists screaming this message of ‘we all don’t want to get married’, these women are a. still young enough to be able to eventually say yes to a lifetime partnership if they choose marriage(ie. in their mid to late 30’s) b. screaming these statements as hypotheticals with one or two examples of ‘people they know who are happily single and never been married at 45, c. jaded about marriage because of what they’ve seen in the media and in their own lives, d. think ‘feminists’ wanting marriage have been somehow brain washed by religion or society, or e. just plain outliers.

I feel a little passionate about the above, because I’ve seen a trend of some feminists demonizing the desire of would be fellow feminists to get married (particularly before a certain age). But to me, feminism and marriage are not mutually exclusive. More so, the choice to get married (and whenever you want to) is fully in line with the spirit of feminism: the ability to choose (and do) what is best for you without hindrance due to your gender (even if that means cutting short your promising Fortune 500 CFO path to have … babies).


There will always be women (scabs, as Amma puts it) stopping female collusion from being great. They, in all their awesomeness and glory, will never be thinking about nobody’s desire to get married as they try to get theirs by sleeping around, and feigning saying that their end goal is never to be married. However, my question is, ‘are these women singing the same song at 40, 45, 50?’ How many heterosexual 40/50 year old single, never been married (or in a long term partnership) women do you know that are happy as a clam saying they’re glad they never got married or into a long term partnership?

And that’s my point. Thus far, the majority of women eventually come around to the idea of ‘settling down’.

Alright, I’m done.



I must conclude by saying that I do recognize that a lot of people have a very messed up view of marriage, either from their own parents or others; I’m not going to sit and pretend that the baby boomer generation didn’t systematically suck at being able to choose one person to be with for their adult life, to love, sacrifice for, cherish, and be faithful to for better or worse in sickness and in health, BUT that doesn’t mean the fundamentals of being committed to one individual should be thrown out with the bathwater. I know I’m probably not the best person to speak to this because I have a great view of marriage – my parents have been happily married for 30 yrs, and I can’t think of many divorces in my extended family- yet still, removing me from the equation as the messenger, just because people suck at marriage doesn’t mean the institution in and of itself sucks. And neither does the fundamental idea of loving one person for life, and longing for companionship and partnership with them.

**so we’re clear: notice I said, “never been.” Those who have, and no longer want to be again are a different story. And even for these, let’s also make a distinction between regret of being committed to the wrong person versus saying you wish you never entered into marriage or a long term partnership (and don’t want to engage that type of relationship again).


– – –

Highlights from the #BlogCamp14 event, our session made a cameo @ 4:10-4:47

Act Like a Lady Think Like a Ghanaman


We love the ‘shout-out’ we got on YesiYesi Ghana’s blog. If you’ve never visited the site before, it’s Ghana’s first online satirical/spoof news site that covers politics, business, technology, entertainment, science, health and media…. and now love. 🙂 If you can recall our post on ‘The Ultimate Dating Advice in Accra‘, then you’ll definitely catch our ‘shout-outs’ in their post. Click on the link below to see the post. Enjoy!

The post has been moved to their new site: