Month: December 2015

Single and Ready to Mingle: Lakeside Edition


So Accra is one of those places where the idea of speed dating or hosting singles mixers can be such a turnoff for many guys people. Folks don’t like the idea of seeking love with any intentionality because it makes them feel desperate thirsty obsessed. But if there is anything we have learned from all the “Thirty Ways to Find Love” or “How to Meet The Perfect Guy in 8 days” or  “Six Memes that Perfectly Explain How You Can Get On Kim Kardashians Level and Marry Every Type of Black Celebrity Possible” lists that you get from your single/dating/married friends/Pastors wife/Concerned Parents/Divorced Aunty, then it’s the idea of being purposeful and availing yourself to opportunities to meet great people. And yet people find themselves— men and women mind you— complaining about the poor quality of options, or the seemingly small nature of the Accra social circles or the limited number of events available to really meet new, fun, worldly, exposed, chocolatey, tall people.

Enter: The Lakeside Affair 2015

Lakeside Affair Picture

This event promises to be a low key, casual fun- filled getaway by Lake Bosomtwe in Kumasi at the beautiful Wildwin Resort. If you you have never visited the Lake or Kumasi for that matter, this is the perfect opportunity to get to know a new setting, a new set of practices and cultures— and a new set of people.

There are a number of really interesting activities to choose from like horseback riding adinkra stamping— and of course: play cards and chill (my personal favorite). I like the idea of being able to see a new place with new people entering a new year. There’s definitely something refreshing about this, and I appreciate the effort that went into making this event convey that glimmer of hope in a see of Waldos.

I actually got the chance to interview Rita Kusi, founder of Three Sixty GH, on the Mpwrshow and she gave us all the details on what went into developing such a trip. We also got to talk about some of the challenges of getting folks to sign up and joked about the imbalance of these kinds of events with women being more open to patronage than men. While neither Afua nor I will be able to attend, we look forward to hearing about what went down. Of course they say, what happens at Lakeside… stays at Lakeside— but there’s no such thing as a secret between two people (at least not in this here Accra). <insert evil laughter here>

Be sure to watch this space to hear more about the event, and visit Three Sixty GH if you are interested in signing up. There may be a couple of spaces left, though things always fill up toward the tail end.

So have any of you ever attended a ‘Lakeside Affair’- esque event before? What were your thoughts? Do you think these kind of ‘intentional’ gatherings are any good or do they seem contrived? What kind of event would you go to if you were single and ready to meet some great people in Ghana? 

Sound off in the comments! We want to hear from you…