Short PSA: We’re Changing Things!


We’re switching things up a little… just a little. We’ve had a good time rambling about relationship topics, but there’s definitely more to our lives and the world at large than love and pursuit of martial bliss. And more generally, talking solely about love.dating.sex can get some way… there’s just so much more to our returnee experience that we think y’all are missing out on hearing about šŸ™‚Ā So we’re opening up the discussion to other topics! These will include, but not be limited to:

-working in Ghana as returnee women
-gender and race issues
-general hot topics and popular culture

Don’t worry, we won’t slack on the juicy relationship stuff though!

~Love, RR

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RR on Camera Rambling about Love, Sex and Marriage


It’s as if we heard you before you even said it: “We want to see new selfies of you guys.” ‘We want to see y’all on camera rambling about love, dating, sex, marriage’… So, that’s exactly what we did… kinda.

Last week, RR were panelists for the AdventuresFrom Google Hangout discussion on the ‘Metamorphosis of Love’. It was fun times, so checker out below. Perhaps in theĀ future we’ll do vblogs of just the two of us šŸ™‚

We’ve done you a solid and shown the moments when we chimed into the discussions, just in case you don’t have time to watch the full hour sesh, you can click on the times below.

. . .

Introductions of RR and other panelists: 0:00 – 2:13

“A woman’sĀ taste budsĀ change every five years” – RR discussing their definition of love and how it has evolved 2:15- 5:45

Compromising for love – RR discussing what kind of compromises they have made in the past and generally what kind of compromises they would make for love 12:00 – 15:42

Sex Sex Sex – RR discussing whether there can be love without sex 25:34 – 28:43

What are you looking for in the future? RR discussing what they would like to say of love when they’re 80 and looking back on their lives 38:42 – 42:41

Shout it out from the Mountain top! – What RR wants to be able to yell from the mountain top about love 54:00 – 55:27


We are so humbled by all the love, guys!

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